How Celebrities use Social Media

Using social media has become a part of everyday life, especially for celebrities. Most of us online are guilty of checking social media several times a day as well as following a celebrity or two.

What about the rich and famous? How do they use social media?

There are many ways in which celebrities use social media to increase their fan following and income revenue. The following is a list of just some of these methods:

Connecting to and Engaging with Fans

Celebrity social media accounts are extremely popular and one of the reasons for this is engagement. In the past keeping up with your favourite celebrity  was limited to waiting to read about them in next month’s issue of Total Girl or Girlfriend. Now we have a way of glimpsing into their lives at our fingertips, as well as a chance of interacting with them personally. Some people have shown an interest in documenting these interactions. For example, there is an Instagram fan page (@taylornoticed) that posts Twitter conversations and regrams between Taylor Swift and her fans.


Celebrities use their social media as a way of branding. This means having a reputation and a maintained online presence to increase and maximise their audience and following. This audience is gained through having unique content available on specific social media channels. Maintaining their online presence and voice is also important, which is done via posting unexpected tweets, giving a glimpse into private lives, behind the scenes action at major events, posting everyday content and sticking to a narrative. These things help build and keep an audience. This expanding of audience offers a way of marketing to a wider range of people, which brings us to the next celebrity use of social media.




Sponsored post for Coke by Selena Gomez    Source: Instagram

The majority of celebrities gain some form of profit from their social media accounts. According to Jo Piazza, Social Media has become one of the biggest sources of profit among Hollywood’s elite.

An extremely successful way to achieve this is through product placement. The reason product placement is so successful with celebrities is that previously, companies would pay for a celebrity to wear or eat their product and be photographed in a magazine, however, there would only be a few thousand copies sold.

Over social media, big names have millions of followers that can be exposed to these products. This means celebrities are paid directly by companies in order to promote their products. These payments can range anywhere from two hundred dollars to half a million dollars per post depending on the influence of the celebrity. A sponsored post from Selena Gomez on each of her three social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) can cost a company up to $550,000. This is because she has over 200 million followers across the board and is currently the most followed person on Instagram.


Do you know any other way in which celebrities social media? Let me know in the comments.