How to be successful Online

Trying to gain fame through your social media? Here are few tips on running successful accounts on different platforms of social media.  


Osmann image

Murad Osmann’s Instagram account 

1) Find a theme      

Successful Instagram accounts stick to a theme. A world traveller, designer posting the behind-the-scenes of the fashion world and of course, a food artist. Find one that you’re passionate about and run with it. 

2) Stick to a schedule 

It’s important for followers to know when to expect a new post and if you have a few photos that you want to upload, don’t post them all at once. Spread them out.
Set a rhythm for your posts and stick to it. 

3) Take a good photo and Edit your photos

Even if you’re taking a photo of your phone, take it like you would if you were using a professional camera and don’t be afraid to edit. 
Editing can enhance a photo from good too great if done right. Invest in a good photo editing app and expand your horizons and leave those Instagram filters behind. 

4) Use Hashtags 

Hashtags are seen as the ultimate way to get views to your post, but they don’t necessarily keep people coming back. However, don’t just use common hashtags like #love or #cat because these have millions of post tagged with that. Instead, stick to using unique that speak to the theme of your account and the picture. 
Though be mindful of the number of hashtags you use. Don’t go using too many, it screams at people that you’re desperate for likes. Just stick to a few that define to picture or account rather than large amounts of generic ones. 

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1) Have a theme

Like Instagram having a theme make a successful account. Use a specific personal or a general concept for each of your vines. 

2) Preproduction 

With your vines, you’re telling a story and want it to loop effectively, so planning is key. It also makes for a better video all round. Planning a post can help create an idea into a successful. 

3) Use hashtags and captions

Again like Instagram, hashtags are a great way to get views and a good title can give a Viner great impact. 

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1) Have a main channel and make it unique

Do something like music or skits or something but make it stand out from other vloggers.

2) Don’t steal, or just copy other people’s tag, descriptions or titles for your videos  

Tying with the first point, you want to be original and not a copy.

3)Watch other stuff

Even though you don’t want to copy others, watch the stuff you love and get inspired. Watch your peers, learn from them and improve your skills and knowledge.  

4) Keep trying 

Remember success isn’t going to come in your first week and won’t happen without creating unique content that you are passionate about. It will take some time but hopefully, these tip will help.

More tips from YouTuber’s can be found HERE.


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