K-POP: What is it?

Within the music industry, there are some interesting and strange genres that people listen to. One of these genres that is making itself known, one of my favorites, by the way, is K-pop.
Now if you have no idea what that is, let me break it down for you. 

K-pop is a strain of Korean popular music that simultaneously sounds like every other modern music genre. According to Joseph Flatley from The Verge, K-pop is a fusion of various strains of electronic, dance music such Trance, electro, and dubstep, then arranged the conventional structure of a pop song.  Jennifer Rousse-Marquet from the Institut national de l’audiovisuel defines K-pop as “a fusion of synthesized music, sharp dance routines and fashionable and colorful outfits.


BlackPink at the Melon Awards 2016 – Source

There are certain characteristics that make up K-pop, that make it unique. K-pop artists are usually boy bands or girls groups or sometimes solo artists. The number of members in a K-pop group can vary, just look at ToHeart or Troublemaker with only two members and Seventeen with thirteen members. However, the general number of groups is 4-7 members such as BlackPink with four members and BTS with seven.

Within the groups, there are certain roles or archetypes that the members take on such at the Leader, the visual and the Maknae.

The leader is usually the older and often picked on their maturity, charisma, and responsibility, but are not always the lead vocalist (best singer) in the group.

The Maknae is the youngest in the group and typically has a ‘baby face’ and performs cute gestures, some are as young as 14 when they debut.

The visual is considered to be the most attractive, and receive the most screen time and stand in the centre in photo shoots. Within male groups, visuals are often a ‘flower boy’ with a toned body.

As choreography is extremely important within K-Pop, a group often have a least one main dancer. They often perform a solo dance during live performances and tend to be the fittest. Dancers in male groups frequently perform shirtless.

Korean Rap has evolved with k-pop to be its own style, so many groups have a rapper or members will take turns rapping.


Kim Taehyung of BTS, the 4D member, and vocalist – Source 

Other archetypes include Foreigners who are typically from China or the U.S and the Alien or 4D member, which is the most eccentric and/or unique idol. Within the groups, members may represent more than one archetype. 



K-pop songs are usually unmistakably Korean, despite the English lyrics mixed in, most of the songs are sung in Korean. The English in K-pop song usually come in during the repetitive chorus for more of an international appeal. 
Two of my favourite English disasters in K-pop would have to be Teen Top’s Supa Luv and Shinee’s Ring Ding Dong with such phases of “Your love plus my love, Supa luv” and “We gonna go rocka rocka rocka rocka rocka rocka. So fantastic. Go rocka rocka rocka rocka rocka rocka. So elastic. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. Elastic, elastic, elastic, elastic” 

As well as taking off massively in Asia, K-pop has become a global phenomenon, finding success in Western countries. According to TIME magazine and Financial Post, this has been contributed to the Korean wave or Hallyu and social media, such as YouTube and Twitter. For K-pop, social media has become a crucial tool to reach audiences in previously hard-to-access markets like the U.S and Europe. Blog sites such as allkpop.com and eatyourkimchi.com have taken off. There has also been an influx of YouTube channels that comment on K-pop scene such as Hallyu back, JREKML and Simon and Martina – who are the creators of the Eat Your Kimchi blog.


KCON 2012 – Source

Another way that we can see the global takeover of K-pop is KCON. KCON is a Conversion that specifically showcases K-pop. KCON is a massive concert type event that showcases groups with their own hit song along with covers, dances as well as meet and greet events. KCON has been in across the USA, Mexico, Japan, France and the United Arab Emirates. And fingers crossed for Australia soon.

To many fans around the world, K-pop is not just a song or genre, it’s a culture all on its own.
But what about you? Have you heard of K-pop before?  Do you listen to it? Let me know in the comments below. 


Header Image: GOT7 at the Summer Kpop Festival 2015 – Source 


How to be successful Online

Trying to gain fame through your social media? Here are few tips on running successful accounts on different platforms of social media.  


Osmann image

Murad Osmann’s Instagram account 

1) Find a theme      

Successful Instagram accounts stick to a theme. A world traveller, designer posting the behind-the-scenes of the fashion world and of course, a food artist. Find one that you’re passionate about and run with it. 

2) Stick to a schedule 

It’s important for followers to know when to expect a new post and if you have a few photos that you want to upload, don’t post them all at once. Spread them out.
Set a rhythm for your posts and stick to it. 

3) Take a good photo and Edit your photos

Even if you’re taking a photo of your phone, take it like you would if you were using a professional camera and don’t be afraid to edit. 
Editing can enhance a photo from good too great if done right. Invest in a good photo editing app and expand your horizons and leave those Instagram filters behind. 

4) Use Hashtags 

Hashtags are seen as the ultimate way to get views to your post, but they don’t necessarily keep people coming back. However, don’t just use common hashtags like #love or #cat because these have millions of post tagged with that. Instead, stick to using unique that speak to the theme of your account and the picture. 
Though be mindful of the number of hashtags you use. Don’t go using too many, it screams at people that you’re desperate for likes. Just stick to a few that define to picture or account rather than large amounts of generic ones. 

For more tip on getting followers and likes on Instagram, click HERE.


1) Have a theme

Like Instagram having a theme make a successful account. Use a specific personal or a general concept for each of your vines. 

2) Preproduction 

With your vines, you’re telling a story and want it to loop effectively, so planning is key. It also makes for a better video all round. Planning a post can help create an idea into a successful. 

3) Use hashtags and captions

Again like Instagram, hashtags are a great way to get views and a good title can give a Viner great impact. 

For more tips on building a successful Vine account, click HERE.


1) Have a main channel and make it unique

Do something like music or skits or something but make it stand out from other vloggers.

2) Don’t steal, or just copy other people’s tag, descriptions or titles for your videos  

Tying with the first point, you want to be original and not a copy.

3)Watch other stuff

Even though you don’t want to copy others, watch the stuff you love and get inspired. Watch your peers, learn from them and improve your skills and knowledge.  

4) Keep trying 

Remember success isn’t going to come in your first week and won’t happen without creating unique content that you are passionate about. It will take some time but hopefully, these tip will help.

More tips from YouTuber’s can be found HERE.

How Celebrities use Social Media

Using social media has become a part of everyday life, especially for celebrities. Most of us online are guilty of checking social media several times a day as well as following a celebrity or two.

What about the rich and famous? How do they use social media?

There are many ways in which celebrities use social media to increase their fan following and income revenue. The following is a list of just some of these methods:

Connecting to and Engaging with Fans

Celebrity social media accounts are extremely popular and one of the reasons for this is engagement. In the past keeping up with your favourite celebrity  was limited to waiting to read about them in next month’s issue of Total Girl or Girlfriend. Now we have a way of glimpsing into their lives at our fingertips, as well as a chance of interacting with them personally. Some people have shown an interest in documenting these interactions. For example, there is an Instagram fan page (@taylornoticed) that posts Twitter conversations and regrams between Taylor Swift and her fans.


Celebrities use their social media as a way of branding. This means having a reputation and a maintained online presence to increase and maximise their audience and following. This audience is gained through having unique content available on specific social media channels. Maintaining their online presence and voice is also important, which is done via posting unexpected tweets, giving a glimpse into private lives, behind the scenes action at major events, posting everyday content and sticking to a narrative. These things help build and keep an audience. This expanding of audience offers a way of marketing to a wider range of people, which brings us to the next celebrity use of social media.




Sponsored post for Coke by Selena Gomez    Source: Instagram

The majority of celebrities gain some form of profit from their social media accounts. According to Jo Piazza, Social Media has become one of the biggest sources of profit among Hollywood’s elite.

An extremely successful way to achieve this is through product placement. The reason product placement is so successful with celebrities is that previously, companies would pay for a celebrity to wear or eat their product and be photographed in a magazine, however, there would only be a few thousand copies sold.

Over social media, big names have millions of followers that can be exposed to these products. This means celebrities are paid directly by companies in order to promote their products. These payments can range anywhere from two hundred dollars to half a million dollars per post depending on the influence of the celebrity. A sponsored post from Selena Gomez on each of her three social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) can cost a company up to $550,000. This is because she has over 200 million followers across the board and is currently the most followed person on Instagram.


Do you know any other way in which celebrities social media? Let me know in the comments. 

People who gained fame through Social Media

Being famous seems to be something most of us want to be at some point in our lives and in this day and age social media has opened a world of opportunities do so.

There are many people who have found fame through social media and across multiple platforms.

The following list is compiled of people who have found fame through social media:



PewDiePie at PAX 2015 – Source: Wikipedia

PewDiePie or Felix Kjellberg, with his fan army of ‘Bros’ is the highest paid YouTuber with over 47 million subscribers.  His videos feature him giving eccentric commentary and reaction to various video games. It is estimated that  PewDiePie has earned $124 million since 2010.  

His most viewed video  on YouTube currently totals at 74,188, 831 views.

5 Seconds Of Summer (5sos)


5sos at the AMA’s: left to right: Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin – Source: Wikimedia Commons

5sos is an Australian Band that also found fame through YouTube.
The band was originally posting covers on YouTube and then their own originals.
The band was discovered by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, and was invited onto One Direction’s arena tour in 2013. 

This began their international career as a pop rock band. 


Brittany Furlan 


Brittany Furlan – Source: Wikipedia 

Brittany is a comedic Vine star with over 9.9 million followers. After struggling to break out into traditional media she is now a full time Viner. Her current net worth is estimated to be $2 million. 

Brittany has now appeared in several movies and short films such as Facebook Is Not Your Friend (2014), How to Have Sex on a Plane (2015) and We Are Your Friend (2015). 

Murad Osmann 

Osmann image

Source: Murad Osmann Instagram


Osmann is a photographer who found fame through Instagram with his ‘Follow Me To’ project. Osmann has gained 5 million Instagram followers alone through his first person point of view photography of him and his wife, Nataly, as they travel around the world. The #followmeto trend was sparked by Osmann’s new take on photography. 







waverider image

Liam impersonating Adele – Source: Instagram

Waverider, or Liam Miscellaneous, is another Instagramer who rose to fame. This New Zealand man has made a name for himself posting pictures impersonating celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Liam has also spoken up about battling depression while gaining online fame. 



Superwoman, or Lily Singh, is another example of someone achieving fame through YouTube. Based in Toronto Lily is a comic vlogger who posts videos depicting hilariously relatable situations or sometimes impersonating her Indian parents. In 2015 she was the 8th highest paid YouTuber. 

Brandon Stanton


Humans of New York, realeased 2013 – Source: Flickr.com

This photographer turned blogger is known as the creator of the blog ‘Humans of New York. He created his blog with the initial goal of photographing 10 thousand people on the streets of New York City and create a thorough catalogue of it’s inhabitants. The ‘Humans of  New York’ project has spread over other platforms with more than 5.8 million followers on Instagram and more than 17.8 million likes of Facebook.




Leave a comment of your favourite person who found fame through social media?